Community Project: Waste-Free Lunches

Hi, parents of Leo Baeck! Our names are Erin and Maya, and we’re Grade 8 students at Leo Baeck. We took part in a Grade 8 Community Project (CP), where students are grouped together to focus on helping a community of their choice in an impactful way.

For our CP, we chose to focus on single-use plastics and how they harm marine life.

We advocated for this cause by talking to the school’s Grade 4 students about the harm single-use plastics cause the ocean, and cemented the presentation in their minds with a fun challenge: creating a plastic-free lunchbox. By doing this, we reduced the school’s waste output and began the process of molding a sustainable mindset in our fellow students.

To say that our project was successful is an understatement! The students were open-minded and overall incredible. They learned from the presentation and had fun during the challenge.

We believe that the key to becoming a more sustainable society starts with a well-educated school.

by: Erin and Maya, Grade 8 Students

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