Arts & Athletics

A rich and varied arts program is an essential part of our whole-child philosophy.


Students at Leo Baeck experience a balanced learning environment where they are exposed to a variety of forms of expression. This comes through strongly in their engagement with Arts and Athletics. 

A holistic educational experience includes attending to students’ opportunities to physically strengthen their bodies, explore teamwork and healthy competition. This area is consistently a boost to mental health and concentration which flows into academic areas. So, too, with artistic mediums – visual arts, performing arts and music – which are essential for offering a differentiated learning experience for students.

Visual Arts & Design

Art-making and design-thinking begin at the outset of a Leo Baeck education and are incorporated into the fabric of our curriculum at every level. Our preschool classrooms are busy and bright spaces for creative exploration. Beginning in Grade 1, students receive formal training in Visual Arts techniques as well as history. By Middle School, students are applying their design-thinking skills to address real world challenges, like designing accessible products and devising floor plans for refugee camps.

We engage our community in the joy of art as well. Grandparents and special relatives are invited to join students throughout the year for creative collaborations, from designing ceramic Judaica to learning about digital photography alongside experts.

Students at Leo Baeck learn about art movements within the greater context of global history and historical change. But, above all else, they learn to think critically about their work and the work of others by applying their skills of analysis and critique.

Musical Training

  • Students receive training in musical instrumentation and composition from professional music educators.
  • Students get to bring their songs to life in our recording studio.
  • Our Junior and Senior Choirs bring energy to holiday assemblies and public performances.
  • Weekly Shabbat services and holiday ceremonies are vibrant musical experiences, with students leading prayer services with instruments and song.


Our Middle School plays are impressive annual events, showcasing the creativity and discipline of our students and the quality of our Drama instruction. The generosity of our community donors has allowed us to produce top notch productions throughout the years.

A group of 3 children sat up against a wall looking at an educational workbook together.
Any of us who have attended a holiday assembly, choir performance or Friday afternoon Shabbat service can attest: the idea of praising God with joyful song is deeply embedded in our school culture. It’s in our DNA.
Rabbi Noam Katz
Dean of Jewish Living


Health and fitness, achieved through both curricular and extra-curricular programs, are an essential part of the Leo Baeck experience. Led by full-time professional Physical Education teachers, and supported by volunteer parents and teachers, Leo Baeck can boast a truly remarkable range and quality of sports activities:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Track & Field, and more…

Our participation in the Jewish Day School Sports League (JDSSL) ups the game for our students, offering them the chance to hone their skills in competition with other schools.

We are the only Jewish day school participating in the Small Schools Athletic Federation (SSAF).

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