Make It Program: The Importance of Tactile Experiences

Toddlers are naturally curious. They learn so much about themselves and the world around them by getting their hands dirty and trying new things. While they will often create beautiful pieces of art in our MAKE IT program, it is less about the final product than about growing through the process.

Learning to hold and control a paintbrush or crayon, to tear paper, to use a glue stick, to manipulate play dough – these experiences allow children to build dexterity in small muscle groups and coordinate their movements, developing the fine motor skills that will ultimately be essential for writing. Through tactile experiences, children develop language by listening to and following instructions, asking questions, and describing what they feel, see, hear and smell. They also develop social skills by learning to take turns, adapt to others, and respect their friends’ personal space and materials. Sensory experiences encourage children to wonder about how things work, to discover cause and effect, and to problem solve. Sensory play can also help children calm their bodies when they are feeling dysregulated. And above all, these activities are fun!

On any given week, you’ll find our Little Leos drawing or painting on different textured materials, ripping up scraps of paper to create a collage, mixing colourful paints, experimenting with water colours, playing with play dough, gluing, cutting, and so much more. These activities not only nurture children’s creativity and imagination, but also help them develop fine motor skills, language, social skills and problem-solving skills. 

Whatever you’re not prepared to do with your toddler in your living room or basement…that’s what to expect in the MAKE IT (Wednesday/Thursday) program of Little Leos. 

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